Arch Shelter Portable Structures

Arch Shelter Portable Structures

Welcome to our Regional Promotion Website for Arch Shelter.

Splash specialises in the design, manufacture and marketing of Portable Structures

Our range includes Arch Shelters and Flat Pack Containers.

This website is our regional promotion focused to  key localities in our trading sphere.

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Splash Arch Shelters

Arch Shelters are portable structures made from a variety of hard and soft (fabric) materials, that can be temporary or permanently fixed.  They have a host of uses but are mostly used as portable warehouses; aircraft hangars or aviation maintenance workshops; work site shade or enclosed shelters; or agriculture shelters for packing sheds, storage of equipment and produce and animals shelters.

Fabric Arch Shelters are Dome or A-frame shaped Industrial Strength Tents materials include fabric (PVC, Polyethylene or Shade Cloth) with either clear span or double truss aluminum or steel frames.   

Hard Top Arch Shelters have the same function as fabric arch shelters but we use a variety of solid materials such as Flat or Corrugated Steel,  Polycarbonate, Solid and Flexible PVC's, ABS and other Synthetic material panels.

Most Common Uses 

Arch Shelters are most commonly used for container canopies and covers,  portable or  temporary sheds, storage warehouses, workshops and aircraft hangars.  Available for shipment to anywhere in Australia and most other countries of the world, we also have cyclone/hurricane and earthquake rated models.

Steel Structures:  3 to 30 Meters wide plus any length in specified increments.

Aluminum Structures:  5 to 50 Meters wide plus any length in specified increments.  

Splash Flat Pack Containers

Flat Pack Containers are a really neat, affordable idea that is designed upon the same principles as the shipping container but arrives as a flat pack kit that is already wired and insulated ready for assembly and use.   The key benefit is they can be dismantled and moved, or like containers they have twist lock attachments that can be lifted by crane or forklift, onto a flat bed truck if necessary and shifted to a new location.

Flat pack containers are used as storage containers, sheds, cabins, offices or dwellings, that can join and stack into quick build complexes.  

Buy a basic unit for an office, studio or insulated storage shed, or stack them to 2 high  (any number long or wide) to produce a mini complex for work or living  e.g. hostel, camp or village. 

Include some add on's, such as larger windows, slide glass doors, gable roof, stairs or a covered patio - and if you want to get really fancy, we can give you  a different cladding ... so it looks like a traditional container or even a cedar cabin. 

We guarantee our shelters have no dangerous or toxic materials.

About Us

Splash has been marketing Shelters since 2001, in fact we were the first online marketers of well known products for 13 years, unfortunately we are unable to showcase those years,  but now have great partners and factories in China  that have the benefit of 20 years of manufacturing,  so once again we have the ability to produce designs similar to, if not better than the top players in the world. 

The Arch Shelter website is primarily a targetted locality promotion focusing on particular regions and their needs.

Visit our Official Website at: to learn more or call 1800 900 322.   (Pauline)


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